2017 Hart Nominees – Who Should Win?

And the nominees for the 2017 Ted Lindsay Award are……. Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers.

(I did a write up on Awards Predictions a little over a week ago, which included more in-depth discussion on the Hart Trophy. You can read it here)

The Hart Trophy is awarded to “to the National Hockey League’s most outstanding player in the regular season as judged by the members of the NHL Players Association.” Crosby has previously been nominated 5 times, with 2 wins. Bobrovsky and McDavid are first-time nominees.

Sergei Bobrovsky won 41 games, had a 2.06 GAA, and a 0.931 save percentage. Lead all goaltenders in save percentage and goals against average with at least 50 games, was tied for third in shutouts with 7, and was 3rd in wins with 41. He was also one of the busiest goalies of the season, playing 63 games, which ranked 6th in the league. He was easily one of the best goalies in the league, with a save percentage 0.006 higher than the next best goalie with at least 50 starts. Bobrovsky was one of the better goalies in the league, leading the league in GSAA (Goals Saved Above Average) with 32.17, 4.21 higher than second-placed Cam Talbot.

Sidney Crosby scored 44 goals and 89 points in 75 games this season, leading the league in goals for the first time in 7 years and finishing second in the league in points. His 1.19 points per game also rank second in the NHL among players with at least 25 games played. He was a positive possession player with a 5v5 CF% of 53.89 and a 5v5 GF% of 55.51, and he factored in to 31.6% of his teams offense this year. His possession stats are even better considering relative to his team, he was even better, with a 5v5 Rel.CF% of 5.63 and a 5v5 Rel.xGF% of 4.90.

Connor McDavid lead the league in scoring this season with 30 goals and 100 points in 82 games this season. He was the only player to score 100 points this season, and aside from Sidney Crosby, the only other active player to score 100 points in a season while starting the season under the age of 20. McDavid was a positive possession player with a 5v5 CF% of 53.04, an 5v5 xGF% of 56.11, and he factored in to 40.5% of all the Oilers offense this year, and had great relative stats as well, with a 5v5 Rel.CF% of 4.55 and a 5v5 Rel.xGF% of 9.5.

And the winner is……

Connor McDavid. McDavid had a tremendous year this season, leading the league in points in his first full season and was the only player to break 100 points. His incredible talent at such a young age was not only impressive enough to get him a Hart and Ted Lindsay nomination in just his second season, but good enough to win them both.


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